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(to Vadim Shirokov)

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Comment by Corry(1/25/2014 1:50:20 PM) - Nice portrait!

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(1/25/2014 1:00:33 PM) - #1 Elisabeth: Thanks, Elisabeth. I was surprised, how I managed to process this photo with the minimum intervention. The natural skin and its texture remained almost invariable.

Comment by Elisabeth(1/25/2014 12:40:15 PM) - Beautiful portrait! I like her skin tones and her hair very much!

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/4/2014 6:42:55 PM) - #7 Vadim Shirokov: Wy oczen dobry, no ja znaju toczno, szto ja imieju w widu :)

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(1/4/2014 2:40:01 PM) - #6 Hania(Anna Franek): If you believe that your (such FINE and EXCELLENT) photos need any improvements - that is illness:)
You go mad on photographing and it has impregnated all your reason.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/4/2014 10:34:05 AM) - #4 Vadim Shirokov: Thanks for the explanation. Now when I understand you - do what you can do at the moment, IN MY CASE IT IS REALLY OK.
But I also want you to understand me :) Evaluation (much more than comments) gives me some INFORMATION what other photographers think about my work. As I want to develop and change my photography - such knowledge helps me. When I got from you low and high rates for imo the similar works - I was just disorientated.

Comment by Wessel-130766(1/4/2014 9:11:18 AM) - #4 Vadim Shirokov:
Estimations are not vital Vadim (I think nobody died of that here :)))
I submit my photos now also without voting.

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(1/4/2014 6:20:48 AM) - #2 Hania(Anna Franek):
#3 Wessel-130766:
Thanks for your responses. As to estimations I do not understand about what you speak. I use (and always used) three buttons for voting Good, Dreat and My top 10. Regularly I address to button Manage My Top 10 for an arrangement of the most pleasant photos on a rating. I do it not always because often I look through a site through a tablet, and it does not allow to use basket Manage My Top 10. Anyway, I never look and I do not study, who exactly has voted for my photos and I do not calculate what quantity of points this or that participant has exposed. I also do not study ratings Scoring chart pictures of other photographers. If you consider that despite it I put down low marks then it occurs not deliberately:) If you insist that the sizes of estimations for you are vital, perhaps, I will submit my photos without possibility to vote.

Comment by Wessel-130766(1/3/2014 8:25:11 PM) - I agree with Anna. You are already posting a long time here and I think you can value the images accordingly instead of only good and great. Try to put your in the top 10 (next to great) and manage your scoring by clicking Manage my top 10. Drag your favorites to your scoring position and click than on Publish rating pool. I bet if you do this in the future others will rate your images also better.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/3/2014 7:47:47 PM) - Beautiful architecture, nice lightning, good technical quality.
Think that a different frame/perspective would be also interesting (closeup of chosen fragment of architecture or image with water reflection, taken from a distance).
I am not sure what kind of rating scale should I use. In your scale it would be - 7,8; in mine - 8,35.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/3/2014 7:41:15 PM) - -- THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED --

Comment by joe bellantoni(1/3/2014 5:33:16 PM) - Nice touch and very good mood...could be a great bride's photo

Comment by Wessel-130766(12/30/2013 7:54:47 AM) - Tim's crop suggestion would be mine as well.
I would straighten the building as well

Comment by TW_Bda (Tim White)(12/28/2013 3:20:20 PM) - Interesting. I saw it as a closer crop...

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(12/26/2013 10:37:52 AM) - Thank you Vadim, all the best for you, too.

Comment by Wessel-130766(12/24/2013 7:54:57 PM) - Nice sapphires :)))))

Comment by Reidar(12/24/2013 6:19:20 PM) - Nice color.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(12/20/2013 7:04:33 PM) - Surprising.

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(12/11/2013 2:42:14 AM) - #1 joe bellantoni:
#2 rafal_antoniuk:
#3 Wessel-130766:
#4 Reidar:
#5 Sjilkov:
Thanks a lot!

Comment by Sjilkov(12/10/2013 6:03:13 PM) - Good

Comment by Reidar(12/10/2013 5:59:24 PM) - Good work!

Comment by Wessel-130766(12/10/2013 5:01:47 PM) - great scenery

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/10/2013 4:52:01 PM) - Great find, nice presentation!

Comment by joe bellantoni(12/10/2013 2:52:03 PM) - could be a Christmas card....nice job

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(12/8/2013 2:05:34 PM) - #3 Gene Brumer: Thanks. I have made some different photos within one day, but at this picture I liked processing. The nice girl and her pose - it goes without saying:)

Comment by Gene Brumer(12/8/2013 12:08:47 PM) - Beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman. Blurred hand does not really bother me, because my full concentration is on a model's face. Well composed and great blurred background. Thank you.

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(12/8/2013 12:55:37 AM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek): Anna, thanks for your opinion and the comment concerning the photo. And it is pleasant that our tastes on women with name Anna coincide:))) To emphasize the model and her person, I photographed with an aperture 2.0. The Background has turned out blured, however and the hand too:)

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(12/7/2013 4:43:12 AM) - Well composed portrait. Nice pose of the beautiful model. The strongly blurred hand is a bit distracting for me, still a great image.

Comment by Reidar(12/1/2013 11:16:58 AM) - Lovely portrait!!

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(12/1/2013 10:16:47 AM) - #1 Sreten:
#3 Sjilkov:
thanks a lot!

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(12/1/2013 10:16:02 AM) - #2 Wessel-130766:I will delete it. Thanks for your attentiveness. I know that on a portrait the clothes shan't be bright not to distract from the face,but in this case I hadn't chance to select:)

Comment by Sjilkov(12/1/2013 7:07:24 AM) - Good

Comment by Wessel-130766(12/1/2013 5:20:19 AM) - Nice shot. I would clone out [^34;884;1] and [^359;946;1]. Dress is a bit too bright.

Comment by Sreten(12/1/2013 4:38:11 AM) - Lovely portrait of this nice bride with great light and eye contact.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Boulatov Dmitry(11/30/2013 3:35:49 PM) - very very nice. like it

Comment by Corry(11/30/2013 10:59:42 AM) - Beautiful model, good presentation!

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(11/30/2013 4:10:32 AM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):
#3 Reidar:
Thanks a lot!:)

Comment by Reidar(11/30/2013 3:44:09 AM) - Good one again!!

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/29/2013 7:28:49 PM) - #24 B2O:
#21 rafal_antoniuk:
Appreciate this talk very much although I see that my comments were not precise.
Still there are many questions in my head. We all like the blue cast of so called "blue hour". I like the blue cast also fifteen minutes before the blue hour :))) and often do not want to remove it. But it is me, it is my personal choice. This almost phosphorescent blue light on the walls of houses is really very intensive but perhaps it is an asset of this image...
Thank you Bas and Rafal once more!

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/29/2013 5:28:47 PM) - PS. My basket is full, will vote tomorrow, sorry Vadim!

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/29/2013 3:49:46 PM) - Like it very much!
Perhaps a bit stronger contrast between the dress and bg? [^475;463;1]

Comment by B2O(11/29/2013 7:39:30 AM) - #22 Hania(Anna Franek): Hi Hania, I fully agree with you! But first correct the cast because it really is a technical fault. Then the white balance and that is like you said very personal. And I do think that the taste(or choice) of the initial photographer is the most important one. He is the artist....
In this case Vadim.

I have a quote for my photography :" The beautiful reminder of the moment, for the experience from now" (I hope my english is good enough)

Thank you for the interaction. Nice to read other(or the same) visions.
Gr. Bas

Comment by Reidar(11/29/2013 4:26:42 AM) - Nice toning.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Naseer Fedaee (Kindness Cost Nothing..)(11/29/2013 2:09:17 AM) - Excellent Work

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/28/2013 4:52:00 PM) - #21 rafal_antoniuk: Thank you!

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/28/2013 4:30:18 PM) - #20 B2O: So nice to see another interesting comment, Bas. Agree that in some light conditions the blue cast is the problem of every sensor. And I am interested how should it be modified in the evening landscape with highly reflective white objects. Think that the answer is not only a technical information, it is also the problem of personal aesthetic preferences.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:46:45 PM) - Another beautiful shot, but fist one - ever with blue cast - is much better for me.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:42:32 PM) - #19 Hania(Anna Franek): Yes, you right White Balance should be a tool to solve the problem, but it's not. Maybe only custom color temperature in Canon's (probably different name in Nikon's), but in RAW file you can change that later.
Most of my images I have to warm up and add saturation or vibrancy, and little-bit of contrast.
...but obvious and simple rule I fallow:
better picture you got = less post processing you need
That was a great discussion. Thanks!

Comment by Vadim Shirokov(11/28/2013 3:23:02 PM) - #7 Zenonas:
#8 B2O:
Thanks for kind words:)

Comment by B2O(11/28/2013 3:17:19 PM) - Nice with a expensive hard gradient filter I believe:)
Works fine by me! But prefer a smile also. This is here best day of her life.
Gr. Bas

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