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(by steve sharpeto Koduck)

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Comment by steve sharpe(6/2/2016 2:46:10 PM) - you have caught a great moment, lovely details and expressions

Comment by steve sharpe(6/2/2016 2:44:39 PM) - Very nice Ray, lovely details

Comment by steve sharpe(6/1/2016 11:36:27 AM) - Would have preferred to see a level waterline, good light though

Comment by steve sharpe(5/23/2016 3:29:11 PM) - Great spot

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:34:45 PM) - Nice scene, you have a great view,

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:33:43 PM) - Great lighting, very well exposed

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:33:06 PM) - A busy bee, but i find the BG busy too.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:31:56 PM) - Great pose, i'm not quite sure about the lighting though, i find it a little distracting in a way.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:30:35 PM) - A powerful and thought provoking image.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:29:19 PM) - Great timing and nicely separated from the BG.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:27:51 PM) - Look like a tough exposure, the branches in the FG are a little distracting,
I would love to own this,, a beautiful place.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/21/2016 4:25:43 PM) - Nice and sharp on the eyes, just as it should be,
There's a line here[^902;324;1] left over form the post processing that needs attention.but otherwise i really like it.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 3:02:14 PM) - Really difficult to get a good exposure so youve done well, all the branches are a little distracting.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 2:59:37 PM) - Great concept, but in my opinion, there's a couple of things that let it down, [^242;870;1] The bra strap here should not be visible, and i would prefer to see the eye open, otherwise a great effort.

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 2:14:20 PM) - great lighting, well exposed, the eyes are spot on

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 2:11:54 PM) - I know how hard these are to catch, so you've done an awesome job, shame about the branch crossing the beak

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 2:09:42 PM) - well captured, great focus, the eye looks great, the BG looks a little busy in places

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 2:04:15 PM) - Storybook image, well exposed

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 1:52:47 PM) - Very nice, striking colours, have to agree about the stray hairs

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 1:49:29 PM) - Clean and crisp, I like the way that the tyre racks lead you though the shot

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