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(by kiki cto kiki c)

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Comment by kiki c(10/20/2015 11:35:41 AM) - nah. there's plenty of detail. the whites in your example aren't even white anymore.

Comment by kiki c(5/9/2015 8:25:45 PM) - gorgeous sky

Comment by kiki c(5/5/2015 6:23:56 PM) - #1 B2O: Thanks. your critique is most welcome!
#2 Ray Griffiths( Mond ): wow thanks!

Comment by kiki c(5/5/2015 10:36:51 AM) - interesting effect. looks like it's floating. but at first glance i thought there was too much blur around the tulip.

Comment by kiki c(5/5/2015 10:35:52 AM) - That's a superb capture!

Comment by kiki c(5/5/2015 10:27:36 AM) - #6 TW_Bda(Tim White): I like that! Thanks!
#7 Wessel-130766: yes! thanks so much :)

Comment by kiki c(5/3/2015 11:59:49 AM) - cool viewpoint!

Comment by kiki c(5/2/2015 3:49:52 PM) - Thank you!
#1 Ray Griffiths( Mond ):
#2 Zenonas:
#3 Sreten:

Comment by kiki c(5/2/2015 6:10:15 AM) - I did a double take! that isn't an accordion! Very clever !

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by kiki c(5/23/2013 7:11:40 AM) - beautiful natural portrait, amazing tones.

Comment by kiki c(5/21/2013 9:44:40 AM) - i like the softness

Comment by kiki c(5/21/2013 9:43:37 AM) - great idea well executed

Comment by kiki c(5/20/2013 7:02:09 PM) - good lighting

Comment by kiki c(5/20/2013 6:59:36 PM) - I really like the colors but I agree that Jeff's crop is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, lovely scene.

Comment by kiki c(5/20/2013 6:57:15 PM) - #1 Jeff Brown UK: lol there is only technical theory...but astute observation, this was not an intended shot, I was arguing with the driver of the car I was riding in and in frustration I whipped out my camera and started shooting. I also found it an interesting shot, Thanks for looking.

Comment by kiki c(5/19/2013 11:28:07 AM) - beautiful Dmitry, one of your finest.

Comment by kiki c(5/15/2013 5:03:53 AM) - thats a cool view, wonder what its like in b & w.

Comment by kiki c(5/14/2013 9:35:06 PM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):
#2 Reidar:
#3 Vadim Shirokov: Thanks for looking! and voting!

#4 Vadim Shirokov: thanks for the question, my guess is that I was shooting an event at high noon and doing portraits outside so my aperture was wide open, I needed the shallow dof I was using auto iso it works pretty well, and I saw the daisies and grabbed some shots of them they however were in a shaded area so thats probably how I came to those settings. thanks for your input!

Comment by kiki c(5/14/2013 7:04:26 AM) - I really love the composititon and the black and white tones are very effective. I might even push the whites up a smidge more, but the image is still gorgeous.

Comment by kiki c(5/14/2013 7:01:13 AM) - wow great catch great color tones throughout!

Comment by kiki c(5/12/2013 3:22:03 PM) - awesome, I like the bold contrast

Comment by kiki c(5/12/2013 3:20:50 PM) - gorgeous monochrome!

Comment by kiki c(5/12/2013 3:20:10 PM) - wow! very original work, such a unique gradient. I like it!

Comment by kiki c(5/12/2013 3:18:20 PM) - I like the colors, if it were a wider shot it would be evn better but it is still a lovely scene

Comment by kiki c(5/9/2013 1:43:33 PM) - cool shot! like the whites!

Comment by kiki c(5/9/2013 1:43:02 PM) - so many shades of green! very nice!

Comment by kiki c(5/8/2013 8:07:37 PM) - #1 Reidar:
#2 Ray Griffiths(There's no peas for the wicked):
#3 Sreten:
#4 joe bellantoni: Thanks for the input. I was really impressed with the way the a99 captured this natural light so composition wasn't in mind.I have other shots of single flowers (better composed) but the light and color on this was superior. This is basically out of the can, and on my new asus ips monitor, I am finally starting to see digital images looking less "digitalish" :)Thanks again!

Comment by kiki c(5/8/2013 7:03:40 AM) - great shot, great earthy colors! are these butterfly or moth? nice job.

Comment by kiki c(5/7/2013 6:00:54 PM) - #1 Brites dos Santos(Artur JBS):
#2 Hania(Anna Franek):
#3 Wessel-130766:
#4 Graham Mealand:
Thanks for the comments!I also considered those bits but in the end I decided I like them.

Comment by kiki c(5/7/2013 2:42:43 PM) - really like the gold tone

Comment by kiki c(5/7/2013 2:41:42 PM) - very crisp and clear

Comment by kiki c(5/7/2013 2:38:33 PM) - whoa the face seems lifeless like a mannequin. maybe overworked a bit? i do like the color.

Comment by kiki c(5/7/2013 2:36:39 PM) - great play on the eyes, unusual composition

Comment by kiki c(5/5/2013 6:51:29 PM) - although the bird is in good focus lack of depth makes this 2d, hard to seperate subject from bg, only way to salvage would be to manually blur bg post processing, lot of work would it be worth it?

Comment by kiki c(5/5/2013 6:47:26 PM) - too harsh imo. can't look too long at this one

Comment by kiki c(5/5/2013 3:37:24 PM) - great detail! too bad u couldnt get a spot light on his mane.

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