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(by Stuart Holmesto Stuart Holmes)

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Comment by Stuart Holmes(12/30/2016 10:49:13 PM) - #1 DAT(Davey Towers): Thanks! (Dad's still working hard on this craft, with a long way to go! She ought to pass me up at some point...)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(12/30/2016 5:50:33 PM) - This is a lovely pose with good light in the eyes. There could be more detail in the eyes, however. Be sure they are the point selected fro focusing. The post work you've done here really makes things look unnatural. Blemishes in the skin can often be eliminated with a spot removal/ healing tool whereas here it looks like some aggressive noise reduction has been applied. (There's certainly a place for that in smoothing skin.) Be sure you are editing things looking at the image as large as you will be presenting. The eyes and smoothed areas of skin really don't blend well making the retouching seem too obvious.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(12/30/2016 5:40:42 PM) - This is a good shot. At this close PoV, I'd hope for greater clarity in the eyes. We should really have nice sharp detail in the iris from such a close up. I do like the lighting setup!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(12/30/2016 5:38:40 PM) - And a Happy New Year to you! Thanks!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(12/30/2016 5:37:56 PM) - I love the mixture of the soft unravelling twine(?) and the hardness of the barbed wire. Nice counterpoint.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(12/30/2016 5:36:10 PM) - #3 Geordie(Dean Wilson): I agree... but I also know getting under the size restrictions for this site is tough! (I wonder how much more active the site might be with those size limits increased?)

As for the photo, I love the tone and clarity well into the background. Nice work!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(12/30/2016 5:30:10 PM) - I'm wondering how this was lit? (Horses don't like TTL flash, if any at all.) This light looks very natural. I could wish for some catch lights in the eyes, but really, this is a wonderful moment!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/24/2016 12:27:22 PM) - #1 DAT(Davey Towers): Thanks for the comment! (Comments are what used to make this site so much fun!... Too many just vote and post these days...)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 9:35:12 PM) - Delicious! Love the creative point of view. The image seems too saturated however...

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 9:33:53 PM) - #1 Safa: I was thinking either more or less blur on the back bowl. As it is one initially wonders if the focus is simply off. Your crop helps a lot. Good eye Safa!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 9:31:40 PM) - Beautifully composed. I'd have tried to make the flowerfield much brighter I think, but perhaps that could become inconguous with the dark sky?

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 9:29:57 PM) - I like the suggested crop...

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 9:28:33 PM) - Wonderful point of view, and the sea was putting on a good show for you!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 9:26:57 PM) - Great lighting... What did you use?

Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 8:35:14 PM) - I love the point of view, but I wonder if there's any more detail to be recovered in the raw file in some of the very blown out areas? What camera are you using?

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Stuart Holmes(11/23/2016 8:33:35 PM) - Smooth textures, spot on focus and beautiful color. Superb!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/30/2016 7:36:58 PM) - #1 Ray Griffiths( ): Tradeoffs always right? I liked the fast aperture on the sony, and it is good enough to serve as a wide shot camera when I have a telephoto mounted on the DSLR at an event... I love the lumix as well!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/29/2016 7:46:20 PM) - #2 svs(Vladyslav Sachyk): Thanks!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/29/2016 10:01:01 AM) - I'd love to know your settings. This is good and sharp for a fast moving subject.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/11/2016 9:34:35 PM) - I like shots like this in concept! I agree with Ray about the rotation. Horizons are a dead giveaway on that sort of thing. On the small screen of my iPhone this looked better, but on my large studio monitor, the focus seems off and there's a very strong fringe here [^414;185;1] that I usually associate with over-sharpening. (Sharpening can never really make up for focus issues.)

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Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/9/2016 10:04:02 PM) - The evenness and control of the lighting is truly superb!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/9/2016 6:40:17 PM) - #5 The Last Mohican(Linas Pociukas): For the most part, this was simply a very bright scene on a very bright day. I intentionally underexposed by about a third of a stop, (because digital sensors seem to have far more dynamic range on the low side of things than the high side) then brought the levels up until I had the very slightest clip warnkngs in the very brightest area of the flower. Everything else is just saturation, sharpness and noise. Fairly minimal stuff. (Other than fading out the corners...)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/8/2016 12:11:04 PM) - #2 Zenonas: There may well be too much space, but this shot is a part of some I've submitted to a stock photo site, and all that space leaves plenty of room for text to be added! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 8:44:02 PM) - Though I may have likes a bit more sharpness in the bee, I think the slight softness works with the color and overall look in this scene. What do you think?

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 8:39:25 PM) - #2 The Last Mohican(Linas Pociukas): It's a Tamron 180mm /3.5 Prime (fixed length) lens.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 8:28:55 PM) - There's great detail and color for certain. There's something about it that seems very two dimensional (duh, it's a photo, I know...) I wonder if what bothers me it that the sky/ horizon is missing? Do you know what all the people where doing on the bridge?

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 2:42:39 PM) - Agreed.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 2:38:10 PM) - #1 The Last Mohican(Linas Pociukas): There are two reasons I went for a larger DoF. First, I was hand held and at 180mm, it's is particularly tricky to place the focus of such a small subject exactly where you want it. Second, I wanted a smooth transition in detail in the web to draw the viewer down the tunnel...

Thanks for commenting!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 10:53:36 AM) - A great and comical moment! I didn't immediately see it until I saw the title you gave the shot. Is there anything you might have done to bring that event forward?

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/6/2016 10:44:01 AM) - Cool treatment! Very creative use of selective color to tell a story.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/5/2016 11:47:18 AM) - Please take this as a constructive critique. My hope it for all of us to be pushed into being more intentional in our art. Here are some questions I try to ask when taking a photo. What do you think separates this photo from a "snap-shot" taken by a casual member of the audience? How do you feel this image was composed in such a way as to bring something more to the image than what the event itself already brings? What can it add to the story? It's certainly a good photo for remembering and recording the setting of this performance, but I think a great photo must do more than just that.

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Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/5/2016 10:16:04 AM) - I agree with the painting like quality, but also have to mention the timing of the shot and composition. You captured four of these guys with their eyes locked, and with them lined up so neatly by height, you have a very strong diagonal eye-line across the scene!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/4/2016 11:30:54 AM) - This has so much of the characteristics of good story telling through images. It immediately has the viewer asking questions about what is going on. Where are these people, who are they? What's the text? (not in my language so I don't know...) Great textures as well. Thanks for the image!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/4/2016 11:28:46 AM) - I appreciate your comment in the details, 149kb. It's small! (You know you could upgrade your membership and double the file size you can send...) Conceptually I love night time shots, particularly because our cameras can reveal so much detail about the night that our eyes miss. This shot however doesn't do that. For me, there's just not enough detail in the scene, and technically, the noise levels are quite high. Those are not the fault of the small file size.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/2/2016 10:29:04 PM) - #2 The Last Mohican(Linas Pociukas): I really didn't do much in the way of contrast adjustment in post. I boosted the exposure a bit, added a touch of saturation and set the black and white points. That said, there is certainly some detail lost when down sampling the image to such a low resolution and applying jpeg compression.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/1/2016 11:43:25 PM) - Wonderful juxtaposition of old and new! I wish the shadows were lifted a bit more in the old house.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(8/1/2016 11:37:39 PM) - So, I see there's a vote for this shot that's pretty low, and I perhaps can understand why, but I'd love to know more about this shot. The perspective is really interesting but the post is small and lacks a lot of detail. It's unclear if this is a small image with a lot of compression, or a crop from a larger frame where this might have looked sharp? What more could you tell us? (It would also be helpful if the people voting would comment on the reasons for their vote. We could all learn from such comments.)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/31/2016 6:17:37 PM) - #3 Ray Griffiths( ): I picked up a Sony RX100Mk4 for very much the same purposes. I'm a bit disappointed in the Sony's focal range, but it's 1.8-2.8 is pretty nice and the Zeiss lens is sharp. It's nice to have in my pocket when I have tele mounted on the D750 and I need a wide shot, but I think I would be unhappy with it as my only camera on a trip. (Maybe we need a theme day where all the shots are on these new all-in-one's)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/31/2016 10:44:55 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths( ): Yeah, I felt the same about the composition myself. When I spotted him, I was across the parking lot and so slowly walked towards this tree while looking through the view finder. As I was moving and not really sure how long he'd stay put I kept him where I had the best chance of a sharp result. I've suggested a crop that might be more pleasing, but I miss some of the green background that helps set the location of the shot.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/30/2016 10:36:23 PM) - Good and sharp in the buildings. I wonder if you tried to lift any details out of the bird? Honestly, I can't decide if the bird is too distracting or not. I'd be tempted to take it out.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/30/2016 9:59:57 PM) - Nice rish saturated color without loss of detail and a beautiful even light. Nice!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/30/2016 9:59:05 PM) - I think you could push the exposure a bit here as well, but not too much. Also maybe I'd clone this bit out[^623;362;1] but that's pretty nit-picky. DoF is lovely, but I wish for a bit more background blur. That camera has a feature called "depth from defocus AF." Do you know what that's all about? Lovely shot!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/30/2016 9:52:59 PM) - This is very nice! I think I might get rid of this guy, [^768;264;1] though I usually love birds in the sky, this is either out of focus or just causing some unwanted artifacts from jpeg compression. Also, there's much more detail that can be brought out here, [^401;401;1] especially if you are shooting RAW. I notice your description says "straight from camera," but surely your camera is doing some processing for this tone. I much more recommend going ahead and getting this look in post. (It's not cheating... Modern post production is akin to developing in the days of film and is an important part of the art of digital photography.) This shot has great potential, but load up the RAW file and play!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/28/2016 5:32:15 PM) - #1 Zenonas: I could make something up about leaving that space was to give the impression that the bee had just flown in from that space, but really as quick as these guys mivr around, I simply selected the best in ficus shot I had!


Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/28/2016 11:57:18 AM) - Those vans have no wheels!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/28/2016 11:56:44 AM) - I agree with the abstract feel, but wish my eye had more of an anchor to land on. Great example of selective focus.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/28/2016 11:37:50 AM) - One of your best so far I think! Nice! Highlights seem well controlled and the colors are not over-saturated.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/28/2016 11:34:22 AM) - Very interesting concept here. Was the sun directly behind this cross? The way the light behaves here [^327;168;1][^140;437;1][^66;338;1] Makes these light areas seem like some kind of post-processing effect. Was that an intentional choice?

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/28/2016 11:28:37 AM) - The color in the sky here is very good! As long as you are shooting RAW,I think you could bring out a little more detail in the building especially, without loosing any of the effect.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/26/2016 12:34:56 PM) - #1 The Last Mohican(Linas Pociukas): I think a flash may ruin the effect, but I'll bet there's detail in the shadows that could still be lifted out in post. Flim combined with a high quality scanner are much more sensitive to detail than our eyes. Maybe a flash down low firing up, very diffused and low power...

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