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(by rafal_antoniukto Wessel-130766)

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Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/15/2013 4:00:14 PM) - Too strong light, but nice catch.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/15/2013 3:58:10 PM) - Looks like the frog is plastic. Nice capture.

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Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/15/2013 3:56:24 PM) - Excellent!!!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/10/2013 4:52:42 PM) - Great portrait and presentation.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/10/2013 4:52:01 PM) - Great find, nice presentation!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/10/2013 4:48:30 PM) - #6 rafal_antoniuk: ...I hope we can see your winner too.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/10/2013 4:44:25 PM) - Congrats! I'm happy for you! I wish you 1st place next time and more photography awards!
Great presentation, well done!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/10/2013 4:40:09 PM) - From a bedroom... wow! Amazing and unique catch! Agree - needs some more post processing.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/10/2013 1:45:13 AM) - #9 rafal_antoniuk: ...I will prefer...

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/9/2013 11:04:55 PM) - Lovely pose of this beauty. I will closer view.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/9/2013 10:59:05 PM) - Very nice landscape!

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Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/9/2013 10:49:05 PM) - Very nice clouds formation and superb mood! I really like naturalness of your Scotland series. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/9/2013 10:45:58 PM) - Awesome view! I like "as painting" post processing.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/2/2013 3:00:14 PM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#2 Geordie(Dean Wilson):
#4 Wessel-130766:
#5 Reidar:
#3 Hania(Anna Franek): I was thinking and trying your crop from the beginning, because works well with "rule of thirds". But I like a lot different yellow-orange tones from a horizon to the top. I like your suggestion as a second version.

Thank you all!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/2/2013 2:44:57 PM) - Nice composition, but not perfect time ;-)
"Heavy" ND filter works very well here.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/2/2013 2:31:12 PM) - Very interesting presentation of this nature phenomenon!
But on other hand in those sizes it's little-bit hard to evaluate quality of this gorgeous captures.
I will prefer see them separately in 350MB sizes.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/2/2013 2:18:40 PM) - Awesome light and mood! I will just clone out this [^-11;65;1] "hot" area.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/2/2013 2:16:27 PM) - Cool capture, well seen.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/2/2013 2:13:28 PM) - Another amazing shot. I always love to see this deep and unique blues of the Glaciers.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/2/2013 1:27:31 AM) - Beautiful fall colors and mood!
I will maybe try too fix lens distortion here.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/1/2013 11:16:05 PM) - Very nice capture!

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Comment by rafal_antoniuk(12/1/2013 11:09:23 PM) - Superb work!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/30/2013 12:29:26 AM) - Good one!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/30/2013 12:26:46 AM) - Nice entry.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/30/2013 12:21:46 AM) - #8 Susanne(Susanne Eftevand):
#9 incult(Marius Caragea):
#10 joe bellantoni:


Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 4:08:04 PM) - #1 Vadim Shirokov:
#2 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#3 Reidar:
#4 Sreten:
#5 Zenonas:
#6 B2O: ...same to you.

Thank you!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:58:32 PM) - Moody simplicity... good one.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:57:17 PM) - Nice long exposure in a winter scenery.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:54:35 PM) - Beautiful portrait, but messy cloning.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:48:53 PM) - Interesting catch of a sun reflection. Great seascape!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:46:45 PM) - Another beautiful shot, but fist one - ever with blue cast - is much better for me.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 3:42:32 PM) - #19 Hania(Anna Franek): Yes, you right White Balance should be a tool to solve the problem, but it's not. Maybe only custom color temperature in Canon's (probably different name in Nikon's), but in RAW file you can change that later.
Most of my images I have to warm up and add saturation or vibrancy, and little-bit of contrast.
...but obvious and simple rule I fallow:
better picture you got = less post processing you need
That was a great discussion. Thanks!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 2:14:31 AM) - #8 Hania(Anna Franek): I like blues in the sky and water, just not on a buildings.
I think we can ask the question : What is it natural?
- the image strait from camera and believe it what sensor giving as
- or remember how we saw it in own eyes.
I never see that much blue in blue hours or dusk. Camera is mostly changing a scene. And image is different what we just really saw it. But it's difficult to remember every shot and show it real scenery... plus makes the image attractive.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/28/2013 1:24:06 AM) - Yes, this one is much better! Well handled!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 4:27:10 PM) - Great capture!
P.S. Yours great photo mess up my basket today :(

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 4:09:19 PM) - #2 Hania(Anna Franek): I respect that and know it's a personal "taste". I will just warm up all photo or reduce blue on buildings ( as example).

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 3:50:23 PM) - Superb capture, maybe except a bluish color on buildings. But those caves [^640;446;1] are AWESOME!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 3:07:03 PM) - It says longer in the wine bottle?... :)

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 3:04:43 PM) - Sometimes it's nice to see good simplicity like this here.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 2:57:32 PM) - This awesome capture begging for gradND filter (looks like 0.6 or 0.9 will work)!!!
If you don't have it in your bag yet, you can add in Lightroom post processing.

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Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 2:51:23 PM) - Breathtaking shot for me!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 2:49:49 PM) - Great eyes and pose. Nicely done!

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/27/2013 2:46:57 PM) - If it's any name of this effect that can be fine image for some people, otherwise it's just unsuccessful shot IMHO.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/26/2013 11:42:59 PM) - Cool shot.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/26/2013 11:41:44 PM) - Stunning composition.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/25/2013 2:57:27 PM) - #2 Hania(Anna Franek): Thank you for suggestion. Much appreciate.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/25/2013 2:36:55 PM) - Excellent mood and light, but FG could be sharper IMO.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/25/2013 1:51:44 AM) - Great find with still stunning paintings on wall! Good control over the flash.

Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/25/2013 1:48:51 AM) - Interesting capture, but too bright IMO.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by rafal_antoniuk(11/25/2013 1:46:27 AM) - Beautiful simple composition with stunning colors as always:)

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