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(to Geordie)

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Comment by luna(3/17/2021 7:56:15 PM) - Beautiful night photograph

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(3/15/2021 2:48:29 PM) - #5 dottystorer(Dotty Storer): The sand ripples and reflections caught my attention here, the lighthouse is but a part of this fascinating little island and can be the focal point of hundreds of depictions I guess.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(3/15/2021 2:45:19 PM) - #1 dottystorer(Dotty Storer): 'Neural'filters are new in latest versions of PS 2021 - not to be confused with Neutral density filter. I was experimenting and kinda liked the results.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 4:24:18 PM) - Gorgeous light and scene.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 4:03:54 PM) - Beautiful night photograph. Was this taken with a fish eye lens? I've never used one, but I notice that the buildings on the lower left and right are leaning outward. Perspective correction might be able to straighten them without distorting the center buildings. Great colors.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:26:39 PM) - Beautiful light, composition and reflection. I'd like to see the lighthouse as a larger portion of the photograph. The bottom right forms a leading line to the lighthouse, but you don't need so much of it. I can't get the crop tool to work to show my suggestion. (It won't crop where I want it.) I'd crop up from the bottom and in from the left. Perhaps crop a little off the right to keep the balance.

Comment by dottystorer (Dotty Storer)(3/13/2021 3:14:10 PM) - Beautiful photograph. But I disagree with you about the neutral filter. I think this image would be improved with more sharpness, contrast and vibrancy which the filter has removed. But it's important that you make photographs that please you. Just don't expect everyone to agree with you.

I agree with you about this site. I was active many years ago when there were lots of new photos and great critiques. But some got their feelings hurt. There was a flame war and then everyone stopped uploading. I'm please to see that some people have started using the site again. Let's spread the word to friends and camera clubs and try to revive it.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(1/18/2021 7:51:28 AM) - #1 svs(Vladyslav Sachyk):
#2 Sreten:
#3 gdanger(George Dangerfield): Thank you for kind comments.

Comment by gdanger (George Dangerfield)(1/17/2021 12:58:18 PM) - AN amazing image with great lighting and composition Dean!

Comment by Sreten(1/4/2021 4:29:20 PM) - Fantastic shot with great composition and exquisite light. Respect, Dean!

Comment by svs (Vladyslav Sachyk)(1/1/2021 10:01:33 AM) - Super

Comment by Sreten(3/10/2020 5:55:17 PM) - Great view.

Comment by Sreten(3/10/2020 5:54:48 PM) - Lovely light.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Kenn Reay(2/22/2020 2:18:59 PM) - Lovely image and great comp

Comment by Kenn Reay(2/22/2020 2:17:43 PM) - lovely image and great comp. love it

Comment by GEORGE123(3/6/2019 7:57:09 PM) - -- THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED --

Comment by gdanger (George Dangerfield)(2/7/2019 1:55:03 PM) - A gorgeous panoramic view Dean!

Comment by Sreten(10/25/2018 6:50:29 AM) - Nice composition, Dean.

Comment by Susanne (Susanne Eftevand)(8/5/2018 8:49:49 AM) - Nostalgi !! Liked very much !

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(7/29/2018 8:32:51 AM) - #5 GEORGE123: The North of England is much prettier and has friendlier people, especially Newcastle and Durham areas.

Comment by GEORGE123(7/29/2018 5:17:26 AM) - #4 Geordie(Dean Wilson): yes it's a beautiful country
I like to see London again

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(7/28/2018 3:57:32 PM) - #3 GEORGE123: No - The original image is true to life. Have you never been to England?

Comment by GEORGE123(7/28/2018 1:36:55 PM) - -- THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED --

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(7/28/2018 4:53:57 AM) - #1 GEORGE123: Its a very old box in an ancient city. Constructive criticism has always been the way on this site, rudeness (as I've noticed on most of your comments) is most definitely not! Or is that jus the 'American' way? )).

Comment by GEORGE123(7/27/2018 5:08:50 PM) - -- THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED --

Comment by Sreten(7/23/2018 12:56:58 AM) - Very good nocturnal photography taken under difficult light conditions. Your experiment has been successful, Dean.

Comment by Sreten(7/18/2018 6:16:38 AM) - Plenty of details. Great sharpness and lovely processing.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(5/9/2018 9:05:52 AM) - Great!

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(2/26/2018 10:39:00 AM) - #1 Kenn Reay: This was practice through d/glazing - before braving the cold! Holy island looks ok and even Angel of the North is nowhere near as bad pollution as one would think!

Comment by Kenn Reay(2/25/2018 6:15:35 PM) - Sorry, just saw your exposure info. Bang on!

Comment by Kenn Reay(2/25/2018 6:14:42 PM) - Not sure what the exposure is but never more than 30 secs if you don't want trails. However you've done amazing in the fact hat in the NE you have avoided the light pollution and got a great image. Still trying to find somewhere apart from Kielder to get great star trail images myself

Comment by svs (Vladyslav Sachyk)(2/6/2018 4:07:27 PM) - Good eye contact

Comment by oblivia(1/11/2018 6:32:08 PM) - agree about the mood and moon shot. The sky is a bit pixelated near the couple.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/12/2017 1:00:34 PM) - Your last two Angels are my favourite from the whole series.

Comment by Sreten(11/9/2017 5:29:02 AM) - Great light, colors and mood.The sky back ground is very interesting.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(11/8/2017 4:55:26 AM) - #2 Sreten: Thank you - The 'Angel of the North' is close to where I live and is a fav subject when I cannot travel far.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(11/8/2017 4:54:12 AM) - #1 Sergei Samus(Serega to friends): The moon shot was taken by itself on a 'supermoon' night - for this pic I added a grad colour to blend with the sunset - Thanks Dean.

Comment by Sreten(11/8/2017 1:01:19 AM) - Lovely mood.

Comment by Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)(11/7/2017 5:14:53 PM) - good work Dean. The image is too big for my 1600x900 monitor however. Did you take the moon shot yourself? It's very good.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(8/15/2017 2:34:21 AM) - I agree with Sreten and what a nice place to live Dean

Comment by Sreten(7/15/2017 2:17:40 PM) - Very good wide angle.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(6/6/2017 8:49:28 AM) - #1 Sreten: thank you - its very quiet here?

Comment by Sreten(6/2/2017 8:13:31 AM) - Interesting POV while the added water makes it more dramatic. Have a nice week end, Dean.

Comment by Sreten(9/26/2016 8:02:48 AM) - Lovely details and clarity. Nice warm light on this proud guy.

Comment by Sreten(9/23/2016 12:01:23 PM) - Great colors and details on this lovely robin.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(9/6/2016 3:27:31 AM) - Great catch. On the washing line?

Comment by Wessel-130766(9/6/2016 1:43:10 AM) - Great one Dean.

Comment by Koduck(9/5/2016 10:27:02 PM) - great catch and bokeh

Comment by Sreten(9/5/2016 4:07:57 PM) - Excellent!

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(9/4/2016 10:55:55 AM) - #8 joe bellantoni: That crop certainly does work well - That's what I like about this site, always some good advice and tips on improvement. Thank You.

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