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author Reidar
title Living in the shadow.
date9/3/2013 4:10:36 AM
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blinks: 73.64score: 8.305voted: 32

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1 saeed (Saeed Hasanabbasi)   (9/3/2013 4:38:43 AM)
Amazing scenery. Lovely light.
2 Geordie (Dean Wilson)   (9/3/2013 6:18:19 AM)
Nice control of light in very difficult conditions - beautiful scenery well photographed.
3 Naseer Fedaee (Kindness Cost Nothing..)   (9/3/2013 12:18:24 PM)
Beautiful !
4 Sjilkov   (9/3/2013 12:47:18 PM)
5 Graham Mealand   (9/4/2013 3:01:13 AM)
My congratulations Reidar, a superb result with carefully balanced exposure.
Top 10 Recommendation
Boulatov Dmitry   (9/4/2013 6:59:25 AM)
excellent shot!
7 Arne   (9/4/2013 1:20:29 PM)
Wonderful winterpic...
8 luna   (9/4/2013 8:15:27 PM)
9 Reidar   (9/11/2013 6:42:59 AM)
#1 saeed(Saeed Hasanabbasi):
#1 saeed(Saeed Hasanabbasi):
#2 Geordie(Dean Wilson):
#3 Naseer Fedaee(Kindness Cost Nothing..):
#4 Sjilkov:
#5 Graham Mealand:
#6 Boulatov Dmitry:
#7 Arne:
#8 luna:

Thank you all of you.

And to tomaabov. You do not have to wait in many days before you vote your 7,7. Or do you don't want that people should see you..? Are you a chicken ?
10 Hania (Anna Franek)   (9/11/2013 11:56:29 AM)
#9 Reidar:
I would like to suggest you a bet. If you get from tomaabov more 7,7 scores than me - you will win and I will post/send you a bottle of an exellent Polish vodka. If I get more such scores than you - you will send me a bottle of a wonderful Spanish red wine. Start - tomorrow, finish - with the end of this stream. And we could regularly inform about each new 7,7 score from tomaabov.
What do you think about it?
11 Reidar   (9/11/2013 4:55:28 PM)
#10 Hania(Anna Franek):
Sounds great, I am agree in the bet. Do we need any judge? ????
12 Hania (Anna Franek)   (9/12/2013 2:24:24 AM)
#11 Reidar:
It would be good to have a judge but think that we can also do it all by ourselves. For example, when I get next 7.7 from tomaabov - I will announce it in my comments and additionally inform you by PB Messenger. Every time I will write what is the serial number of this evaluation. Is it OK for you?

I can not wait for the next 7.7! :)))))

13 DPS (David Stevenson)   (9/12/2013 3:47:12 AM)
I know I'm a bit behind in finding this image :) but I really like the mood it creates. I can feel the cold form here! Love it.
14 Reidar   (9/12/2013 5:08:26 AM)
#12 Hania(Anna Franek):

Thanks Anna I think we do it that way. Lets hope the best man win!!! :-)

#13 DPS(David Stevenson):
Thanks a lot for your nice words!!
15 DPS (David Stevenson)   (9/12/2013 8:06:16 AM)
#14 Reidar: Composition, light and 'colours' also fab ;) Love the rectangles of the house in contrast to the natural lines of the mountains.
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