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author LindaY (Linda Y)
title Florida Gulf Sunset
date2/21/2014 5:58:19 AM
detailsSometimes, the power of the sea along with a beautiful sunset are just hypnotic. Taken at one of our local beaches last fall when I had been looking for a house. Photo features my daughter-in-law who was helping me in my search. Photo taken with my little Leica compact camera.
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1 Zenonas   (2/21/2014 6:12:16 AM)
Yes, magic view Linda! Well composed, dramatic sky, cold-warm colours and great camera work.
2 Ray Griffiths ( )   (2/21/2014 6:27:27 AM)
Well balanced and nice timing.
3 Reidar   (2/21/2014 12:11:30 PM)
Nice picture. Love the colors...
4 Sjilkov   (2/21/2014 2:55:53 PM)
5 Sreten   (2/21/2014 3:45:42 PM)
Excellent sunset, dramatic sky and wonderful mood.
6 Reda Danaf   (2/22/2014 4:48:00 AM)
Beautiful beach scene, dramatic sky and wonderful sunset colors. The figure adds to the composition.
7 Mario Dias   (2/22/2014 6:01:08 AM)
Like this a lot and I'm with you about the hypnotic effect of a sunset behind a dramatic sky like this one. The blue dress of your daughter-in-law goes very well with the general tone of the image.
Very well exposed and composed.
Personally, I think that too much blue on the whites of the waves, which could be improved adjusting the color temperature, but this is just a matter of my personal taste.
The little Leica making it's job very well.
Congrats Linda
8 LindaY (Linda Y)   (2/23/2014 9:17:39 AM)
#1 Zenonas:
#2 Ray Griffiths(I'm building an Ark):
#3 Reidar:
#4 Sjilkov:
#5 Sreten:
#6 Reda Danaf:
#7 Mario Dias:

Thank you all for your comments on this shot. Mario, you are correct about the extra blue on the waves, but I pushed the blue tones just a tiny bit to contrast with the warm sunset tones...Just exercising my "artistic license" on this one for effect. ;)
9 Mario Dias   (2/23/2014 9:49:19 AM)
#8 LindaY(Linda Y): Hi Linda
One of the things I most like in this shot is the contrast between the warm tones in the sky and the colder ones in the water and sand.
Don't know the software you are using for processing, but there are several ones with graduated filters, which makes it easy to work on this issue.
Personally, when I make this kind of shots, I wait a bit more for the sun to disappear under the horizon. After that we have 5 to maximum 10 minutes of what I call "magic light".

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